Recommended Mixed Juice Recipes for Dinner

One of the most important keys to a diet plan is the right menu for dinner. If you want to lose your weight effectively in a healthy way, you need to manage your list correctly. Some types of diet will replace dinner with juices only. Some others only reduce their meal portion and complete it with juices. No matter which diet plan you are doing, these are several juices can be your option for your dinner. Those juices are from fruits with low-fat content. Therefore, those are totally recommended for people who run a diet plan.

Tomatoes, Carrots, and Oranges Juices

The combination of tomatoes, carrots, and oranges in a glass of juice is enough to give you a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to close your day. Those three fruits are rich in vitamin C to boost your body immune system. When your body is relaxing, the vitamin C improves and strengthens your body against bacteria and virus that bring diseases.


Blend the fruits with balance portion. You may not add any sugar or honey especially if you have consumed enough sugar throughout the day.

Beet Juices

Beet is advantageous to supply you various vitamins and minerals, so it is good to drink a glass of beet juice after working.

Moreover, beet juice will cleanse your digestive system. Avoiding you from any constipation in the morning is magnificent.

Green Apple, Pineapple, and Parsley Juices


Consuming green apple juice can fulfil your need for fibre and minerals. Fibre will help your digestion to cleanse the colon. Furthermore, green apple is low in fat. Therefore, it is exquisite to consume green apple when you are dinner.

The pineapple gives you a lot of vitamin and manganese which help other fruits supply your vitamin and minerals. On the other hand, parsley is totally recommended for diabetics since it is low-fat and sugar-free.

Cranberries, Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Pear, and Blueberries Juices
Cranberries only contain 25 calories. It means that cranberries have less fat which is good for a dieter. Red bell peppers also have abundant minerals and vitamins. This fruit has a lot of vitamins, fibre and other nutrients perfect for a dinner.


Pear is a fruit with a high content of pectin. It is such a thread compound of water soluble. Pears enhance the result of a diet plan. Therefore, mix pear with cranberries, tomatoes, and red bell peppers to get the complete nutrients. Also, blueberries are famous for neuroprotection content. So, it is good to add blueberries to our cranberries juice.

Blueberries, Blackberries and also two green apples

All Berries, including blueberries and blackberries, are full of antioxidants and vitamins great for your digestion. Therefore, it is recommended to drink that mixed juice with your dinner.


Spinach, Kale, Kiwi, Celery and Ginger

Running a healthy diet plan does not mean you always juice fruits. You can add some vegetables to enhance the benefits for a healthy body. This juice is from various fruits such as kiwi, kale, spinach, and also ginger.


All fruits and vegetables combination give your body other vitamins and mineral supplier. Then, it is splendid to drink a glass of such mixed juice for your dinner.

Critics Slammed the Rape Scene in Game of Thrones Show

This episode will be talking about some scenes from Game of Thrones season 5 episode 6, so if you haven’t watched that particular episode, or you haven’t seen the overall season 5 at all, you should stop reading now. Reading further will only reveal spoilers, which you have to take risks if you decide to move further.

When sexual abuse is shown in a TV show to be the major plot intended to draw attention, the reaction can only be two: disgust and horror, and that’s exactly what happened after the rape scene involving Sansa. After the episode where Sansa is brutally treated by her new husband, Ramsay, and her childhood friend, Theon, is forced to watch, critics start flying – in a negative way. In fact, not only some of the fans decide that they have enough with the show, but critics are also demonstrated by Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democratic senator. She wrote on her Twitter that the scene is disgusting and gratuitous. The Mary Sue, the website, often offering a pop culture feminist view, also claimed that they wouldn’t be promoting the show anymore, stating that rape shouldn’t be used as a device to drive a story.

game of thrones

Some of the fans are showing different reactions. After some of the divergences happening within the show, fans are split into two parts: those who remain loyal to the show despite all the differences and changes, and those who criticize the show because of the changes they make. Despite their differences, the rape scene seems to create surprise and shock between them. Some of them are apparently disgusted and decide to quit watching the show, while some will remain loyal – no matter what.

Despite the fact that the rape scene in the show isn’t all graphic – well, you don’t get to see the actual rape – and what’s written in the book is more graphic than what’s shown in the scene, it still causes some stir and controversy. First of all, Sansa isn’t supposed to have such faith considering that Jeyne Poole is intended to be the one that marries Ramsay and suffer from such traumatizing action – well, that’s the book version. Sansa has become a likable and favorable character, so it is kind of hard to see her endure such suffering. However, it is a good thing that the scene is different from the book as the sexual assault happening in the book is more horrific and graphic, where Jeyne is raped by another man under the order of Ramsay. Hmmm, there are no good visuals from both different plots.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time that HBO has been slammed with such sexual issue. In the previous season, when there was a sex scene between Cersei and Jamie Lannister, critics and protests came flying around, mostly because of the horror of the rape scene and also the fact that it involved incestuous lovers. However, there are also some loyal fans that defend the show, claiming that they should have seen it coming – considering that the changes in the plot of Sansa’s life, so everything is predictable. What do you think?